Squeeze Bottles, shall we?

I have a short fuse today.  Friday time, I should be in a good mood but I’m wondering what I do feel today.  Feel like I Need somethings different.  Something to always bright me everyday.  Something to move me.  Motivate me to the goal I wish to reach.  Anyway, let’s share something I found on the internet.  It was a Squeeze bottle.

squeeze bottle webblog

It is funny to me reading for this commercial web.  Just met it through searching for the new bottle, new package for the customer.  It’s simple article but in a few sentenses or short paragraph, however with the selling keyword in it.  Some post is so spammy.  I don’t think this is gonna work.  Maybe they just tried to do something as it is also a blog post.  Let me play with this word too.  I would love to buy some tomato squeeze bottles for my mom.  We are having a big dinner tonight.